American Champion Aircraft Corporation

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Base Airplane:


Champ, 7EC

Continental O-200-D, 100 HP Engine

Sensenich W69EK48, Wood Fixed Pitch

   Propeller with Urethane Leading Edge



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Standard Equipment:


Airspeed Indicator (Backlit)

Sensitive Altimeter (Backlit)

Magnetic Compass (Backlit)

Digital Recording Tachometer

Fuel Quantity Gauge

Oil Temperature Gauge (Backlit)

Oil Pressure Gauge (Backlit)

Ammeter (Backlit)


Electric Permanent Magnet Starter

60 Amp Alternator

Firewall Mounted Sealed Battery

Voltage Regulator

Panel Integrated Electrical Controls

Safety and Convenience

Certified Utility Category for Spins

Dual Flight Controls

Dual Toe Brakes

Parking Brake

18 gallon Fuel System

Oil Quick Drain

Stall Warning Indicator

Entrance Step

Powder Coated Fuselage Frame

Left Opening Pilot Window

Stainless Steel Exhaust

Steerable 6" Solid Tail Wheel

Light Weight Aluminum Gear

Wheels with 6.00 x 6, 4 Ply Tires

Wing Tie Down Rings

Velcro Aircraft Document File

100 lb. Capacity Baggage Compartment

Optional Equipment:


Radio Packages Quoted Separately


(Example Shown:  Garmin AERA 560 Portable GPS, Garmin GTR 225 Comm & GTX 327 Transponder)

Panel Space limits customization to the center 3 inch instrument mounting hole only.


  • Davtron Electrical Clock
  • Electric Turn Coordinator
  • RC Allen 2600 Digital Artificial Horizon


  • Greenhouse Roof (Dark Gray)
  • Outside Air Temperature Gauge (window mounted)
  • VFR Night Package: LED Navigation / Strobe / Position Lighting,
         Rheostat Cabin Light, LED Landing Light, and Back-lit Panel Gauges


  • Replace Carbon Fiber Floor with Stained Wood (For Vintage Look)
  • Remove Adjustable Seat and Rear Toe Brakes (Saves Weight)



$ 395

$ 1195

$ 4375


$ 795

$ 225

$ 2495



Free Option

Free Option


Power Plant

Horse Power @ RPM

Recommended Engine TBO


Propeller Diameter




Wing Area

Wing Loading

Power Loading


Cabin Length

Cabin Width

Cabin Height

Empty Weight (typical)

Maximum Gross Weight

Useful Load

Payload with Full Fuel

Fuel Capacity

Oil Capacity

Baggage Capacity


Utility Limit Loading

Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll

Takeoff Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle

Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component

Rate of Climb, Sea Level

Maximum Level Speed, Sea Level

Cruise Speed / Endurance with 30 Minute Reserve @ 75% Power

Fuel Consumption @ Altitude

Service Ceiling

Landing Distance over 50-ft. Obstacle

Landing Distance, Ground Roll

+5, -2  g's

485 ft.

970 ft.

20 mph

716 fpm

108 mph

94 mph / 190 miles

6.8 gph

12000 ft.

928 ft.

393 ft.

Continental O-200-D

100 @ 2750 rpm

2000 hours

Sensenich W69EK48

69 in.

22.1 ft.

7.7 ft.

33.5 ft.

165 sq. ft.

8.0 lb. / sq. ft.

13.2 lb. / HP

2, Tandem

8 ft. 10 in.

2 ft. 6 in.

3 ft. 11 in.

925 lbs.

1320 lbs.

395 lbs.

287 lbs.

18 gal. (17 gal. Usable)

6 quarts

100 lbs. (10.4 cubic feet)



Limited and Recommended Airspeeds:

VX (Best Angle)

VY (Best Rate)

VA (Design Maneuvering)

VNO (Maximum Structural Cruising)

VNE (Never Exceed)

VR (Rotation)

VS1 (Stall, Clean)

52 mph

67 mph

100 mph

100 mph

135 mph

50 mph

46 mph