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High Country Explorer

Base Airplane:


Citabria High Country Explorer, 7GCBC

Lycoming O-360-C4P, 180 HP Engine

Sensenich Propeller, 76EM8S8-0-58

   76" Aluminum, Fixed Pitch


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Standard Equipment:


JPI EDM 930 Engine Data Manager

Fuel Quantity Gages (Left and Right)

Digital Clock

Airspeed Indicator (Backlit)

Sensitive Altimeter (Backlit)

Magnetic Compass (Backlit)


Electric Permanent Magnet Starter

70 Amp Alternator

Battery Box with Sealed Battery

LED Landing Light

LED Nav / Strobe / Position Lights

Rheostat Cabin Light

Voltage Regulator

Electrical Control Panel



PS Engineering Stereo Intercom

Front & Rear "Push to Talk" Buttons

Emergency Locater Transmitter

Broadband Transmitting Antenna

Twin Headset Jacks

Cabin Speaker

Noise Canceling Microphone

Avionics Master Switch

Comfort and Appearance

Front Strut Speed Fairings

Bucket Foam Seats with Folding Backs

Adjustable Front Seat

Front and Rear 5-point Harnesses

Hidden Exterior Brake Lines

Light Gray Vinyl Headliner

Deluxe Textured Vinyl Interior

Front and Rear Cabin Heater

Cabin Air Vents

Sound Proofing

Instrument Panel Glare Shield

Tinted Windows (Gray)

Tinted Greenhouse Roof (Dark Gray)

Safety and Convenience

Certified Limited Acrobatic (+5g, -2g)

Adjustable Flaps

Balanced Elevator

Dual Flight Controls

Dual Toe Brakes

Parking Brake

Quick Jettison Door

36 gallon Fuel System

Air-Wolf Remote Mounted Oil Filter

Oil Quick Drain

Baggage Access Door

Baggage Area Cargo Net

Stall Warning Indicator

Entrance Step

Powder Coated Fuselage Frame

Left Opening Pilot Window

Stainless Steel Exhaust

Steerable 8" Pneumatic Tail Wheel

Light Weight Aluminum Gear

Wheels with 8.00 x 6, 4 Ply Tires

Wing Tie Down Rings

Velcro Aircraft Document File

In Door Map Pocket

100 lb. Capacity Baggage Compartment

Optional Equipment:


  • Heated Pitot
  • Aileron Spades
  • Wide Rear Seat
  • Vortex Generators
  • Glider Tow Assembly
  • Carbon Fiber Floor Boards (saves 8 lbs!)
  • Extended Baggage Area (Additional 30 lbs.) with Firewall Mounted Battery
  • Supplemental Left and Right Wing LED Lighting (with Flood and Wig-Wig)
  • CFP-2  Additional Corrosion Protection: Oil Prepped Fuselage Tubing


Power Plant

Horse Power @ RPM

Recommended Engine TBO


Propeller Diameter




Wing Area

Wing Loading

Power Loading


Cabin Length

Cabin Width

Cabin Height

Empty Weight (typical)

Maximum Gross Weight (Normal Category)

Useful Load (Normal Category)

Payload with Full Fuel (Normal Category)

Maximum Gross Weight (Acrobatic Category)

Useful Load (Acrobatic Category)

Payload with Full Fuel (Acrobatic Category)

Fuel Capacity

Oil Capacity

Baggage Capacity

Lycoming O-360-C4P

180 @ 2700 rpm

2000 hours

Sensenich 76EM8S8-0

76 in.

22.1 ft.

7.7 ft.

34.5 ft.

171.86 sq. ft.

11.35 lb. / sq. ft.

10.8 lb. / HP

2, Tandem

8 ft. 10 in.

2 ft. 6 in.

3 ft. 11 in.

1300 lbs.

1950 lbs.

650 lbs.

440 lbs.

1800 lbs.

500 lbs.

290 lbs.

36 gal. (35 gal. Usable)

8 quarts

100 lbs. (10.4 cubic feet)


Limited and Recommended Airspeeds:

Acrobatic Limit Loading

Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll

Takeoff Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle

Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component

Rate of Climb, Sea Level

Maximum Level Speed, Sea Level

Cruise Speed / Endurance with 45 Minute Reserve @ 75% Power

Fuel Consumption @ Altitude

Service Ceiling

Landing Distance over 50-ft. Obstacle

Landing Distance, Ground Roll

+5, -2  g's

504 ft.

872 ft.

17 kts.

1366 fpm

142 mph

132 mph / 2.45 hours

11 gph @ 7500 ft.

15500 ft.

866 ft.

293 ft.

VX (Best Angle)

VY (Best Rate)

VA (Design Maneuvering)

VF (Maximum Flap Speed)

VNO (Maximum Structural Cruising)

VNE (Never Exceed)

VR (Rotation, 14° Flaps)

VS1 (Stall, Clean)

VS0 (Stall, Full Flaps)

61 mph

83 mph

120 mph

90 mph

120 mph

162 mph

50 mph

52 mph

49 mph